The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is more than capable of attracting international exhibitions, conventions and meetings, considering that it is strategically located at the crossroads of three continents, and it hosts the holiest city in Islam. In addition, it is a pioneering investment power in the region, with a solid infrastructure. The Kingdom always aimed in its development plans to diversify the economy, while supporting the growth of the private sector in order to reduce its dependence on oil as a major contributor to the national economy. This will provide more employment opportunities for Saudi youth, and attract foreign capital to support domestic investment projects.

Saudi Arabia is one of the most stable areas in the Middle East. The Government welcomes, strengthens and protects private institutions. In addition, the Saudi competitive advantage of the health and pharmaceutical investment sector is supported by many investor-friendly factors including:

  • Strategic location.
  • Investment insurance.
  • A stable political climate.
  • Protection of trademarks and patents.
  • Regulate access to the regional market.
Health sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

Health services in Saudi Arabia have developed significantly in recent years, especially under the Saudi Arabia Vision 2030. Through tremendous financial allocations; The Kingdom has been able to raise the level of health services by developing infrastructure, using modern technology, improving the efficiency of health practitioners and increasing the number of hospitals, health centers and pharmacies all over the Kingdom. The provision of health care services in the Kingdom is mainly done through the Ministry of Health with the help of some other governmental agencies and the private sector.